10 Grandes Filmes de 2004
(i want you like the movies, touch me now)

  1. Dogville [i was raised to be arrogant]

  2. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind [it's amazing how strong that feeling is]

  3. Kill Bill vols. 2 & 1 [how else is he going to see you again?]

  4. La Mala Educacion [por tu culpa]

  5. Irreversible [le temps détruit tout]

  6. Y tu Mamá Tambien [mamacita mamacita mamacita]

  7. Shadow of the Vampire [if it's not in frame, it doesn't exist!]

  8. Sylvia [i feel like god is speaking through me]

  9. Dirty Pretty Things [before? i was a virgin]

  10. Harry Potter & the Prisioner of Azkaban [this flesh is only flesh]

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