10 Grandes Músicas de 2004
(fire on the disco, fire on the gates of hell)
  1. Glory Box, Portishead [leave it to the other girls to play, for I've been a temptress too long]

  2. Fire Door, Ani Difranco [taken out of context i must seem so strange]

  3. Miserable Lie, The Smiths [you have destroyed my flower-like life]

  4. Myxomatosis, Radiohead [you should put me in a home or you should put me down]

  5. Truth Doesn't Make a Noise, The White Stripes [her stare is louder than your voice]

  6. Siren, Tori Amos [almost brave, almost pregnant, almost in love]

  7. I Think I'm Paranoid, Garbage [please me, tease me, go ahead & leave me]

  8. Tale of Dusty & Pistol Pete, The Smashing Pumpkins [through doors and imaginary scenes]

  9. Reptilia, The Strokes [please don't slow me down if i'm going too fast]

  10. Swing swing swing, Benny Goodman

Não couberam na lista, mas deviam: uncool (courtney love), what difference does it make? (smiths), i like you (morrissey), is this it (strokes), the sensual world (k. bush), terrible lie (nin), where is my mind (placebo), in the mood (gleen miller), jolene (cake) e rated-x (white stripes).

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