tonight i've consumed much more than i can hold

fun home, alison bechdel

thursday 21 february
bizarre letter from mom today. one tantalizing sentence stands out: 'i still hurt from old wounds. i have had to deal with this problem in another form that almost resulted in catastrophe. do you know what i am talking about?'
NO! i don't! what the hell is going on?

fingersmith, sarah waters

everything, i said to myself, is changed. i think i was dead, before. now she has touched the life of me, the quick of me; she has put back my flesh and opened me up. everything is changed. i still feel her, inside me. i still feel her, moving upon me. i imagine her walking, meeting my gaze. i think, "i will tell her, then. i will say 'i meant to cheat you. i cannot cheat you now'."

ham on rye, charles bukowski

what a weary time those years were - to have the desire and the need to live but not the ability.

haunted, chuck palahniuk

people fall so in love with their pain, they can’t leave it behind. the same as the stories they tell. we trap ourselves. some stories you tell them and you use them up, other stories...

when you are engulfed in flames, david sedaris

it was the look you get when facing a sudden and insurmountable danger: the errant truck, the shaky ladder, the crazy person who pins you to the linoleum and insists, with increasing urgency, that everything you know and love can be undone by a grape.

e todos os outros.

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